Abstalar Zantus

A cleric of Desna and Sandpoint's high priest.


Father Abstalar Zantus is the new high priest of Sandpoint. A fisherman by trade, Zantus had his come-to-religion moment when a storm obliterated his boat. His humility and drive endeared him to Ezakien Tobyn, his beloved predecessor, and Zantus soon became his master’s most accomplished disciple. When Tobyn perished in the fire that claimed Sandpoint’s chapel some fire years ago, Zantus took Tobyn’s mantle by default.

Himself a cleric of Desna, Zantus is very open to matters of faith and has slipped with ease into the role of adviser for worshipers of other deities. Introverted by nature and laconic by design, Zantus recognizes that he’ll he’ll never be as popular as Tobyn — whose statue still graces one wing of Sandpoint’s new cathedral. But it was Zantus whose ceaseless efforts got the cathedral built in the first place. For that feat, he’s earned nearly universal respect.

Abstalar Zantus

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