Sandpoint Cathedral


Easily the largest building in Sandpoint, the Cathedral is also the town's oldest structure. Unlike many other places of worship, the Cathedral does not cater to the worship of a single deity. Rather, it gathers under its eaves devotees of the six most commonly venerated deities in the region: Abadar, god of civilization and wealth; Desna, goddess of dreams and luck; Erastil, god of farming and hunting; Gozreh, god of nature and the sea; Sarenrae, goddess of the sun and healing; and Shelyn, goddess of beauty and art.

The Cathedral is maintained by Father Abstalar Zantus, a laconic but good-hearted cleric of Desna. To fund his charity work, Father Zantus offers healing services to adventurers for a reasonable markup.


A church has stood on this site for as long as anyone can remember. Indeed, the ruins of the first temple of worship to grace the area have been incorporated into the open-air courtyard: seven standing stones surrounding a circular stone altar. Varisian oral tradition maintains that the seven stones represent the seven towers of Desna's otherworldly palace.

When Sandpoint was founded, its citizens sprung for the construction of six different chapels around the original shrine to Desna, each its own building and connected to the others by open-air walkways. Unfortunately, the complex burned to the ground during the Late Unpleasantness, taking beloved High Priest Ezakien Tobyn with it. Tobyn's successor, Father Zantus, worked with Mayor Content Not Found: Kendra-Deverin to construct the grand edifice of stone and glass where the original complex had stood.

Services Provided

  • Potion of Cure Light Wounds (CL4) — x6, 55 gp
  • Potion of Lesser Restoration (CL4) — x3, 330 gp

Sandpoint Cathedral

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